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Players earn NFT tokens and skins while playing Empire's Battle.


Empire's Battle

Release Trailer | Play and Earn Blockchain NFT Game. The game will be deployed on several blockchains and compatible with wallets such as MetaMask for the convenience of players.

Flur token


Play Empire's Battle to earn tokens by mining and staking and collect parts of unique NFT skins for your characters. We will release 15 unique NFT cards per month (they won’t be available in the game store, they can only be collected). Any of the players who first collected all the cards receives an NFT skin for their character. Each such skin is completely unique and presented only in one form for one player 🔥

Play, don't watch!

What is Empire's Battle: World Of Steam?

This is an NFT & Play-to-Earn arcade with RPG elements based on several blockchains, where the main character holds the key position and protects the drill with all his might, while hordes of enemies attack him from all sides.


In order to survive and chop up a pack of enemies, you will have to actively work with your fingers and head. Squeeze the rolls, knead your fingers and stock up on ammunition, because there is no end to the iron horde.

Choose a character

Make your choice and save the world from enemies. We’ll beat the hordes of robots and earn points together.

  • Raccoon
  • Walrus
  • Hedgehog
  • Hamster
  • General
  • Rabbit
  • Fox
  • Shark
Special abilities
  • Automatic fellow20 points of damage in 5 seconds
Show heroes

Defeat all enemies!

Save nature and life from destruction and depletion by dirty factories of the robots, free the lands from Argo's deputies.

Choose your game mode

Choose your mode for battles and save the world from destruction and devastation by yourself or with other players.

Fight for Flur

PvP 1vs1 static mode

Playing in standard survival mode. The player does not see the enemy character, they can only see his health level, the number of killed mobs, and his portrait.

Fight for Flur

  • PvP 1vs1 static mode
  • PvP 2vs2 static mode
  • PvP dynamic mode
  • Flag capture (2vs2, 3vs3)
  • Clan wars (5vs5)
  • Crypto Earn Mode
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Our team

An ancient evil has awakened and is now trying to take over the world, wreak havoc and destroy all life

  • Alexander Kovalenko

    Co Founder / CEO
  • Ekaterina Danilova

    Art Director
  • Anastasia Kostareva

    2d Artist
  • Alemkhan Utepkaliev

    Team lead
  • Genry Testone